Welcome to Your Spiritual Experience

    No one can fully predict where life will take them next, and this was exactly the case for Anna. While out on one of her many adventures, she crossed paths with Chelsea and was intrigued by her knowledge and spiritual abilities.

    The two instantly connected as they shared similar interests, and that was when Anna knew it was serendipity.

    What followed next was inevitable; Anna knew she had to pursue the passion that she shared with Chelsea. In creating a spiritual destination everyone will be able to learn and benefit from all these women have to offer.

    Tarot Cards
    Can be used as a form of validation

    Educational Material
    Where knowledge meets practical application

    Herbs and Spices
    Enhances focus and intentions

    Custom Blended Oils
    Custom blends formulated on site as prescribed

    Aides in achieving a meditative state

    Candle Magick
    Where knowledge meets practical application

    Allows for cleansing and balance

    Disclaimer: Readings and accessories are for entertainment purposes only – Click here for details